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The Northampton Teacher Training Partnership is a long established School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provider based in Northamptonshire. We have been training teachers for over 20 years. 

The vision of our SCITT is to provide high quality teachers to meet the needs of our local schools.

The partnership is comprised of schools which offer a wide range of different experiences for our trainees. As a result, all our trainees are highly prepared for employment at the end of the training year. Most of our Partnership schools are state secondary schools and most include sixth forms. 

Following a detailed two-stage inspection process in May and November 2018, we were graded as outstanding.



The NTTP provides a robust but personalised course to equip trainees with the skills to become excellent teachers ready to thrive in their careers, often in partnership schools. The course is grounded in the core pillars of pedagogy, behaviour, professional behaviours, curriculum and assessment, with centre-based training interweaved with bespoke subject-specific coaching across the partnership to ensure all trainees are able to effectively engage with, apply and observe the Core Content Framework in practice. Our trainees benefit from a 4-week induction period at the NTTP centre, during which they learn the core principles of effective teaching, in sessions delivered by experts (many of whom were trained by the NTTP). This is complemented by opportunities to observe and discuss these principles in practice, through focus days in partnership schools.

Following induction, our trainees begin their first school placement (FSP), where they teach a 40% timetable with expert feedback and advice from a trained mentor. This is where trainees begin to hone their craft, particularly in aspects of behaviour, pedagogy and assessment. Concurrently, trainees participate in subject study sessions, led by subject experts; these provide the opportunity to practice the application of core teaching skills in a subject-specific way, whilst also building strong subject knowledge for teaching.


Focus and Development weeks follow, back at the NTTP centre, which are an invaluable time for trainees to reflect on the progress they have made and consolidate their learning in relation to the core pillars. There is a range of sessions designed to advance trainees’ knowledge and expertise and opportunities for specialist school visits to enhance in-school experiences.


After this, trainees embark on the second school placement (SSP), in which they teach a 60% timetable but still with the support and guidance of a school-based tutor and the ongoing expertise of the relevant lead subject mentor. At this stage, trainees are becoming increasingly skilful in the core pillars and have built a strong subject knowledge for the particular requirements of their subject discipline. The SSP provides a contrast to the FSP, allowing trainees to build their familiarity with the range of local and national trends in educational settings. By the end of the SSP, trainees will deliver 80% of a full teaching timetable, which allows them to hone their teaching, organisational skills and curriculum planning in readiness for their Early Career Teaching (ECT).


Trainees return weekly to the NTTP centre to receive a tailored programme of coaching, which is mapped to meet their emerging needs as their knowledge and skills as a teacher grow. These sessions also provide valuable opportunities for the trainees to gather best practice and benefit from the support of colleagues.

Running parallel to the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by the NTTP, are the modules which lead to the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), run by Birmingham Newman University (an institution that specialises in teacher training). These modules offer support with the rigours of academic writing and allow extra opportunities to engage with the field of best evidence and research, which supports effective classroom practice.


Our trainees frequently comment on their preparedness for life beyond the NTTP, as they embark on their journey into teaching. The course provides the foundational experiences, research and coaching to become a successful teacher; furthermore, we foster the life-long love of learning and ethos of continuous professional development required to build a life-changing career in teaching.


You will have support and guidance from 

A highly trained School Based Tutor

An experienced Lead Subject Mentor (LSM)

The NTTP team

As a trainee, you will always have an experienced teacher on hand and they will always keep an eye on what you are doing. You will have two formal observations every week and informal observations with each class that you teach. Most of these will be done by the class teacher or your School Based Tutor. The Professional Tutor and LSM will observe you at least once during the placement whilst the Programme Facilitators will also observe you throughout the course. Formal observations are daunting at first, but you will soon become used to them. Every observer is used to observing trainees and will be looking for things you do well and areas you could improve further.

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