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Working with Financial Documents

Course Fees

Our course fees for the 2024-2025 academic year will be £9,250. You can apply for a Tuition fee loan from Student Finance to cover the cost. Tuition fees paid by the Student Finance Company will normally be paid directly to NTTP in October, February and May. If you do not want to apply for a tuition fee loan you can pay the fees directly, either in full at the start of the academic year, or in two equal instalments.

Student Finance

Tuition Fee Loans:

For information on how and when to apply, please see the Student Finance Quick Start Guides or visit the student finance information page.

If you are planning to take out a Tuition Fee loan from Student Finance, you may find it useful to look at the repayment information to get an estimate of how much you might pay back and how long it may take you to repay.

Student Finance England (SFE) have a dedicated student finance zone - The Student Room which has lots of useful information and resources.

Maintenance Loans:

In addition to a Tuition Fee loan, you may also be eligible for a maintenance loan to help with living costs. These are means-tested.

Student Finance Videos:

Please click here to see the "Student Finance Explained" video.

For the "Understanding Student Loan Interest" video please click here.

Post Graduate Training Bursaries and Scholarships

Bursaries and Scholarships are available to trainees on tuition fee-based teacher training courses in England that lead to the award of qualified teacher status (QTS).

Availability is dependent on your highest relevant academic award and the subject in which you are training to teach. To receive a bursary or scholarship you must be entitled to support under the Student Finance England criteria. 


If all or part of your qualifications are from outside the UK, you would need to have your qualifications assessed through UK ENIC to see if your qualifications meet the minimum requirements. 


You may be eligible for a tax-free training bursary while you train, depending on your subject. You do not need to apply for the bursary, if you are eligible, you will automatically receive it. 

For 2024-2025, training bursaries are available in the subjects below:

  • £28,000 - Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics and Physics

  • £25,000 - Biology, Design Technology, Geography, Languages

  • £10,000 - Art & Design, English, Music and Religious Education

Unfortunately, all other subjects do not attract a bursary. 

To be eligible for the training bursary, you will need to have at least one of the following:

  • a bachelor’s degree class 2:2 (honours) or higher

  • a master’s degree

  • a PhD

For more information on Bursaries, please visit the DfE website.



If you are training in Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics or Physics, you may qualify for a Scholarship of £30,000. 

If you are training in  Languages, you may qualify for a Scholarship of £27,000.

You cannot receive both a Training Bursary and a Scholarship.

To find out if you are eligible for a scholarship and to apply, please visit:


Scholarships also come with a package of additional benefits from the appropriate professional body. 

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